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Honduras Non-Profit & Volunteering

Honduras is a unique and diverse country, which is home to friendly and welcoming people. We are though a developing country that does face some current difficulties. There are ways as a visitor that you can help us over come these difficulties. Such as volunteering your time or by donating to one of the below listed groups who work in Honduras. By doing this you can help create a better Honduras for the future. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.



Featured Honduras Non-Profit & Volunteering

Little Friends Foundation,

Little Friends Foundation was established to improve the standards of healthcare throughout Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras. Little Friends Foundation (LFF) is a legally registered Honduran not-for-profit organization. Our goal is to obtain a new healthcare center capable of providing appropriate inpatient and outpatient services with an emphasis on emergency medicine, centrally located on the island for equal access to all residents and visitors. We are recruiting the assistance of private non-profit charities dedicated to securing a new public hospital for Roatan.

Medicines for Roatan

Medicines for Roatan (Fundacion Medicinas para Roatan) is a pharmaceutical charity which donates medicines across the Bay Islands of Honduras. In theory, indigent patients are entitled to free medicines at the public hospital or the 6 community clinics. In reality, the free medical facilities suffer chronic shortages, and an estimated 40,000 patients go home without treatment each year. Medicines for Roatan keeps track of the needs at each facility, procures medicines from non-profit suppliers and donates them to clinics which provide free healthcare in the Bay Islands. On average, $1 provides medicines for 1 patient for 1 year. Every dollar helps!

Roatan Day Care Center,
Coxen Hole

The Roatan Day Care Center purpose is to help children learn, and to provide a full and healthy environment within a safe, comfortable facility. Our efforts since 2006 have made the Roatan Daycare Center into the preferred resource on Roatan for young children. We are committed to bilingual early education and nurturing childcare, along with multi-faceted play and a dedication to community. Our facility allows participating families to work full time with peace of mind, knowing their children are receiving the best of care.

Little Roses Ministries
San Pedro Sula

Other than the special ministry for girls at risk, Our Little Roses encompasses several interrelated ministries within the community. They include a health clinic, community for poor single mothers, bilingual school, Jubilee Center for justice issues, retreat center and a bed and breakfast and hospitality house. Right now Our Little Roses Ministries is recruiting people to be a part of these special girls lives. We are in need of volunteer teachers and staff helpers for both Our Little Roses and St. Mark Schools. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Our Little Roses please visit our website for more information.

Canaturh Bay Islands

The Bay Islands Chamber of Tourism (Camara Nacional de Turismo de Honduras- Capitulo de Islas de la Bahia), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose primary focus is the development and support of tourism in the Bay Islands. Participation is both from the private and public sectors whose common goal is the development of a sustainable tourism industry for the Bay Islands.

Church of God Mission

A mission school in Politilly Bight, Roatan offers a Christian based curriculum, promoting character and the values of Christian living. The school is conducted in English, giving the students an opportunity to further their education while preserving their English-speaking heritage. This school has been very successful and well accepted in the community. The mission is working with the government to institute similar English programs in government schools.

Roatan Ladies Luncheon, Roatan

Join us the last Friday of every month for the Roatan Ladies Luncheon! Part-timers, full-timers, old-timers & visiting guests - so many interesting women of the Island. The networking is phenomenal and we even help various local charity groups. And last, but not least - FUN AND FRIENDSHIP! What could be better? No club to join or commitment to make. Just come along and enjoy. You will be welcomed with open arms and meet many new friends. It is always worth the trip!

i-to-i Projects
in Honduras

ProjectsYou can become a part of Honduras a fascinating country by volunteering. Worthwhile projects include building classrooms and homes, teaching English, conserving national parks, providing health care and reporting news. To help make the most of your time i-to-i also provide Spanish language training on arrival. Our worldwide experienced staff offer support at all levels guaranteeing a memorable and enjoyable experience. Come discover Honduras by volunteering with us.

Mud Angels,

Mud Angels is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization in Roatan, Honduras, that provides desperately needed supplies and support services for Roatan's children, their families, and local schools. There are children here who cannot attend school because their parents cannot afford school uniform or supplies. We need your support to help Roatan's children achieve their maximum potential and escape the cycle of poverty. For more information about what we need and how to donate, please contact us.

Blanca Jeannette Kawas Bilingual School

Blanca Jeannette Kawas Bilingual School is located in a small, attractive Honduran town. Bring your enthusiasm and creativity to help us provide an exceptional education for young children.We are looking for volunteers and/or sponsors. We will provide room and board plus a small payment for your work. For more info please send us an email.

Copan Pinta
Copan Ruinas

We are a non-profit foundation that organizes cultural activities for children. Since 1999 we have organized art, drama and literature workshops for hundreds of children. Through the arts the children not only improve their artistic skills, but they also develop self-confidence and learn to express themselves. To be able to continue and expand our activities we could use your help. Contact us or visit us at La Casa de Todo in Copan for more information.

Family Life Missions, Honduras

Family Life Missions has been a longstanding work based in Catacamas Honduras. Family Life Missions was incorporated in September 1992 as a Christian, non-profit, tax-exempt, benevolent organization. Family Life Missions has been given formal recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt organization. This means donors can be assured all donations are tax deductible. To find out more visit our website.

Ixbalanque Spanish School
Copan Ruinas

Ixbalanque offers its students a remarkable opportunity to get involved in the Copán community. Our school encourages the development of Honduras. That’s why we offer the opportunity for our students to get involved in various activities that promote our development. Our program can involve you in a wide range of community projects, including: Health, Religión, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Ecology.

Black Bay Islanders Improvement Association

Black Bay Islanders Improvement Association was organize on June 20th, 2007, on account of the tragedy that occurred in the waters between the Islands of Barbarat and St. Hellene. Mission is to create consciousness in communities of the importance of social participation. Our vision is to take Bay Islanders to mental independence from the mental slavery in which we’ve been submerge throughout the years. Our slogan is "when we work we win."
Honduras Children Inc.

Kinder Sí Se Puede is a forward-thinking and caring kindergarten that provides the time, space and opportunity for young children to flourish and develop their emerging skills.  We take great pleasure in educating young preschoolers to help them develop confidence and self-esteem and we are proud of the achievements of our children and staff. We maintain high standards of education and behavior to ensure our kindergarten is a safe and happy place in which to learn. Kinder Sí Se Puede is totally free to the family. Charles and Amalia Kirkhum started the program in 2009. We welcome volunteers ad donors.

BICA a non-profit organization was formed in 1990 by local islanders and residents who where concerned about the future of the areas natural resources. BICA-Utila has a wide range of goals from promoting sustainable development through the management of the natural resources to stimulating awareness of the importance and richness of Utila through community involvement and education. To learn more and to find out how to get involved visit our website or contact us.

Conservation Project Utila Iguana

Utila is a unique place and is home to several animals and plants which are found nowhere else in the world. The Utila Iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri) is one such creature. Our organization works closely with local communities and authorities to preserve the Utila Iguana and its mangrove habitat. A lot of this important work has been done by volunteers and you can be one.  The Bay Islands are the Galapagos of the Caribbean.  For volunteer information visit our website or email volo@utila-iguana.de

Familias Saludables

Familias Saludables is a non profit, charity working in Roatan in AIDS education and reducing the mother to child transmission rate of HIV. Did you know the AIDS virus is carried in breast milk? We desperately need infant formula to give to HIV+ mothers to feed their children. If you are in Roatan you can drop off cans of formula in our office in Coxen Hole or in French Harbor in the collection box in Eldons supermarket. For more information Click Here

SOL International Foundation, Roatan

SOL (School of Life) International Foundation is working to initiate and support community-based programs designed to promote education and increase the quality of life in Roatan. We believe that by encouraging initiatives in collaboration among the nonprofit, government and business sectors we can help to build a healthier community and enable people to improve their lives. SOL International Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Public Charity. All donations are tax deductible.

Peggy Stranges R.N.

An independent, non-denominational, missionary nurse providing free medical care and medications to the poor or anyone requesting care. I coordinate medications and supplies among the free clinics and the hospitals on Roatan. Everything is obtained through donations. Do you wish to donate medications, medical supplies or time? Housing available. La Colonia has donated land on which to construct a clinic. We need people interested in assisting with this project. Contact me by Clicking Here

Project Honduras

projecthonduras.com is an online portal for information on ways to help Honduras. We are also a network of individuals working on innovative, grassroots responses to the country's social and economic needs, leveraging our information and the talent, expertise, and time within our network to serve as a catalyst for change. We also organize yearly a conference with the aim of presenting and exchanging information on current and proposed grassroots volunteer projects to help the people of Honduras.

Earth Seeds

Join The International Launch of EarthSeeds! Our Mission – Sharing Earth’s Image to Connect People. Simply put, we are a non-profit effort promoting the image of Earth from Space as a healthy harmonious whole planet. We promote worldviews that support citizen empowerment and action, youth education, and Global Family Harmony. We offer this site to inform, inspire, and empower our fellow Crewmembers of Spaceship Earth.

Island Friends Roatan, Roatan

A local Roatan-based networking group that organizes facilitates and connects those who want to give to the islanders most in need, be it with money, time and /or resources. Island Friends is a clearing house; an organizing and networking group that coordinates the needs and the resources for the poor on the island.

Homeless Child

Our planet suffers a tremendous lack of balance. Balance between rich and poor, between religions, peoples, between man and nature. Every day 30.000 children under five years old die of starvation and easily curable diseases; every day. Give one such child a chance, offer the world some balance.

Oak Ridge Community Clinic, Oak Ridge

The Oak Ridge Community Clinic was originally a health clinic for the employees of the neighboring seafood processing plant. It later bacame available to all of Oakridge and surrounding communities. Many medical professionals have honored us with their skills - dentists, oral surgeons, interns, residents, nurses, medical doctors, psychitrists and eye doctors.

Roatan Children’s Fund, Roatan

The Roatan Children's Fund was founded by a group of dedicated Scuba Divers who call CoCo View Dive Resort, Dockside Dive Center and Playa Miguel their second homes. It has since been joined by businesses on the island as well as visitors. Roatan Children's Fund is a public benefit non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, this charitable organization will seek to advance education and provide relief to poor, distressed, and underpriviledged children living in Roatan.

Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSORC), Utila

The Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSORC) has been the authority on Utila’s whale shark population and coral reef ecosystem for over ten years. WSORC is a non-profit organization, staffed by scientists & volunteers, working to preserve and protect Utila’s precious marine life. Our programs assist and support visiting scientists, college interns, local schools, tourists and the local community. We offer Whale Shark Encounter tours, educational workshops, and classes on whale sharks and other marine life. Contact us about volunteer opportunities

List for free on Travel-to-Honduras.com!

Are you a Non Profit working in Honduras? If so list with us for free to help promote your organization and projects or let our listings help you find volunteers to assist you in your organization and work. We also are offering discounted website hosting packages and website design services to all Non Profits working in Honduras. For more information click here!

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club of Tegucigalpa has a membership of around 30 people. It is part of the District 4250 and our meetings take place each Saturday at the offices of the Rotary Club of Tegucigalpa, in Tegucigalpa, capitol of Honduras. The club has five main avenues: Community Service Avenue, Professional development Avenue, Club Service Avenue, International Service Avenue, Finances Avenue.

ACTA de Honduras

ACTA (Cooperation Agency of Ticino and Associates) are a non-profit group with many years of experience working with rural and indigenous artisans. ACTA support 14 indigenous Lencan communities and 2 rural communities. Its main beneficiaries are 540 women. Each one of them represents a family for a total of 2,700 beneficiaries. ACTA's support is focused on improving the production and life conditions of artisans, on developing and promoting new products. Each time you buy a product, you support.

Heart in Education Teacher Outreach

Heart in Education Teacher Outreach (HETO) is a teacher outreach which connects American educators with Honduran educators. American based teachers travel to Honduras for one week, visiting various schools. We bring teacher materials and supplies as well as offer professional development, connecting cultures and teachers, providing support and guidance.

Spartanburg Angels

The mission of Spartanburg Angels is to reach the peoples of Roatan, Honduras CA, for the LORD, through prayer; and support of programs designed to meet their spiritual, health and educational needs. Providing this support through existing mission programs in Roatan, Honduras and direct contact with the peoples of Roatan, Honduras.

Casa Alianza

A leading advocate of children's rights in the region, Casa Alianza is an independent, non profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of street children in Honduras since 1986. We monitor and care for children who have been abused or rejected by dysfunctional and poverty-stricken families and further traumatized by the indifference of the societies in which they live. We are dedicated to helping these children off the streets and back on the road to meaningful and productive lives. And you can also help.

Cofradia’s Bilingual School

Looking for great experience working with children in Central America? Why not volunteer in Honduras? Our bilingual school provides a much needed alternative to the public school system in Honduras and offers children the chance to receive an education that can help improve their future. Do something rewarding, experience a new way of life, learn or improve your spanish, explore a beauty country and meet amazing people! For more information, please visit www.cofradiaschool.com or send us an email at volunteer@cofradiaschool.com
Lisa Lopes Foundation, Jutiapa

The Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes Foundation is a 501c3 organization that works with orphans and abandoned youth in Jutiapa, Honduras. We have built a 10,000 sq. ft. facility that will be used as an orphanage. For more information please visit our website.

Volunteer Pediatric Clinic

Global Healing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, together with faculty and alumni of Children's Hospital Oakland, UCSF, and Stanford medical centers, has opened a volunteer-staffed pediatric clinic in the Roatan Public Hospital to provide year-round outpatient care. Over the course of several years we hope to improve the level of pediatric training on the island, leading to self-sufficiency. We are in need of volunteer pediatricians for one-month rotations, a wide variety of medications, clinic equipment, laboratory supplies, and more.


For a heartwarming experience of humanitarian service, join a MEDICO mission team. This nonprofit organization has provided quality medical, dental, eye services to the underserved in remote areas of Honduras since 1990. Eighty-five teams of dedicated volunteers have served over 110,000 people. Working with various in-country organizations, MEDICO has also established sustainable programs including water projects, dental fluoride programs, shipments of school/medical supplies, funding for a medical clinic, bringing special surgery cases to the U.S., and providing shunts for babies with Hydrocephalus.

Paramedics For Children

We are an international humanitarian organization serving the world's poor by providing programs that help save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity. This assistance is provided without regard to people's religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background. Currently we are working in Copan and the surrounding area. Please visit our website to find out more information on what we are doing and how you can help.

Un Mundo

Un Mundo is a non-profit working mostly in the valley of the Cangrejal River near La Ceiba. Our mission is to promote dignity, community, and self-sufficiency while facilitating access to health care, education and livable wages. Our work is done by Hondurans and international volunteers and our projects tackle a wide variety of issues. Current activities include murals, a film institute, educational scholarships and water filters. We need more volunteers so please visit our website.

My Little Red House Bilingual School

My Little Red House Bilingual School is currently looking for volunteer teachers to teach English as well as to learn or practice Spanish. Room and board will be provided along with the chance to make some money giving private classes to either students at the school or to adults in the city. You will also have ample time to get to know the city of Ocotepeque and to get involved in the community if you so wish. Contact us for more information.

Honduras Child Alliance

Calling artists, musicians, magicians and scientists!! We seek teachers, camp counselors, psychologists and more! Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for children in El Porvenir, Atlantida, Honduras.  Our volunteers staff an English immersion program, a Reader's Club to improve Spanish literacy, and a local Kinder.  United by a love of children and a desire to improve their opportunities, we work together to support their education, health & hygiene, creativity and community. We welcome volunteers and work-groups to help operate our projects.
Helping Honduras Kids,
La Ceiba

Helping Honduras Kids is a diverse group of volunteers striving to provide a loving and healthy environment to orphaned children in La Ceiba on the North coast of Honduras. Our Programs include a Hogar de Amor Children's Home; a Jungle School in the Cangrejal Valley Watershed; assistance for "Grandmas" and caregivers of children orphaned by AIDS; Campesino Village & Community outreaches. We welcome volunteers and sponsors!

Sandy Bay and West End Marine Park, Roatan

Our mission is Mission "To protect and conserve the natural marine resources of Roatán while enhancing the environment and quality of life within the community through education, creative activity, and service". Our vision is "It is better to influence the course of events then risk being casualties of them, and as we derive our livelihood directly from the reef, the future is in our own hands." To find out more on how to get involved with the conservation of the Marine Park visit our website.

Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International

Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International is a non-profit, Christian organization that strives to meet the physical and spiritual needs of Hondurans living in remote, underserved communities. Since its foundation in 1974, BMDMI has attended to the needs of more than 1,000,000 patients and given away more than $20,000,000 worth of medications through the ministry of its short-term medical, dental, and evangelical volunteer mission teams. BMDMI also operates a Bible Institute, a children's home, an elementary school, and vocational training programs for the people of Honduras.

From the Heart Foundation

The mission of From the Heart Foundation is to bring a sense of hope to people of small Central American communities through health education and providing high quality medical care. Our goal is to develop local community medical facilities that will be staffed by local practitioners. Why not help us out? You can donate some money or if you are skilled talented physician/teacher volunteer full time or take a volunteer vacation where you volunteer only part time. Check out our website for more information

Global Volunteer Network

The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities to work with rural communities in Honduras. Volunteers can become involved with teaching or building projects. This program will give you a chance to make an important contribution to the people of Honduras, while gaining first-hand knowledge about the country and its culture; an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Jesus Es Real Hotel & Mission Center, Trujillo

Jesus Es Real Hotel & Mission Center is located in Trujillo Colon Honduras on the beach just off the airport runway, next door to the Christopher Columbus Resort. Although the hotel sets us apart by having the nicest rooms, suites and amenities in this part of Honduras, the real asset behind the hotel and mission center is that we invest the proceeds of the hotel back in to the country through multiple large donations.







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